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BEWARE: Claverack Scam - PLEASE READ!

Please be aware that scammers are now hitting our area hard. We have received an influx of calls from our members over the last few days with a variety of reports of calls they have received from suspected scammers. These calls range from offers to lower electric rates to members over the age of 65 to very specific threats of disconnection if the member didn't go to the local Rite-Aid, purchase a money card for $500 and call back to give the numbers on the card to stop the disconnection. In the later instance, the caller actually stated that this directive was given by our CEO, Bobbi Kilmer. The member's caller ID even showed that the call was from Claverack REC. 

We want to remind everyone that although Claverack DOES make reminder calls to members with past due balances, we DO NOT take payment information over the phone from our members. All payments must be initiated by the member and made by check, credit or debit card by mail, using the automated payment line (1-877-853-6463) or via SmartHub on our website ( At no time will you be asked to provide your banking account information to a Claverack representative.

Please pass this information on to other Claverack members and alert us if you receive a similar call. Contact us at 1-800-326-9799.

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