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Can I install a wind mill?
Yes, although local zoning regulations should be considered before purchase and installation. Some systems are stand alone and are not designed to be connected to the grid. Any power flowing onto Claverack lines must be alternating current and the system must be interconnected in accordance with current policies.
Is there an incentive to install a wind mill?
Claverack does not offer an incentive to install a wind mill. Depending on current state or federal programs, other incentives or tax breaks may be available. The department of energy website is a good source of information on alternative energy and incentives.
Does it cost anything to interconnect a wind mill to the grid?
There is no specific fee for interconnection; however you are responsible for complete installation. If Claverack lines need to be built or upgraded to accommodate your project, you bear that cost. Any required equipment such as disconnect switches and meter bases is also paid for by the member.
Is it profitable?
The most important factor in determining your benefit is to make a reasonable estimation of how much your generator will produce. The best way to do this is to conduct a wind study at the location and height that your windmill would operate. We recommend a wind study done for at least a year. This data, along with the product specifications should help you make a realistic estimate of the generation you may expect.
How does net metering work?
Claverack has a net metering policy. You currently pay a set rate for electricity. The rate that you pay for electricity includes the cost of purchasing power from the generation source (known as the avoided cost of generation) as well as transmission and distribution costs to deliver that power to your home or business. With net metering, we pay for your generated power at the same rate that we charge you for it, up to the amount of power used by you for that month. Any electricity generated after that is paid for at the avoided cost.
What is my payback?
Your payback depends on the initial cost of your equipment and the amount of electricity you generate. The more you generate, the sooner you pay for your investment. A realistic study of the annual wind speed at you site will help you determine your cost versus your benefit.
Where do I purchase a wind mill?
There are many companies that sell wind generators. An online search will supply you with many contacts. You will need to know the output of the generator in order to compute your expected power production and to determine if you can interconnect to the grid. Purchase your wind mill from a reputable company that will support your installation and future maintenance needs.
Where can I find more information?
The Claverack web site has some quality information and links about alternative energy systems. Claverack has an easy interconnection application. To request any additional information, please give your member services department a call at the number listed below. If you are considering interconnecting a system, please contact us when submitting your application to schedule an appointment with our engineering department.


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