Need an electrical inspector? 

Most inspectors want a job number to reference for the inspection. Claverack provides the member's map number for this purpose.  If you need a job number to schedule an electrical inspection, simply give us a call and ask for your Claverack map number.

In April 2004, Pennsylvania adopted the Uniform Construction Code (UCC), which changed the electrical inspection process. Under the UCC, all electrical inspectors must be certified by the state. Any state-certified inspector now also meets Claverack’s requirements.

Municipalities were given the choice of “opting in” or “opting out” of local enforcement of the new code. For those municipalities that “opted in,” UCC enforcement is carried out by inspectors appointed by the municipality. For municipalities that “opted out," the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry is responsible for code enforcement.

Claverack does not maintain a list of approved electric inspectors. Members of the Cooperative and contractors doing work for Claverack members are advised to contact the local municipality in which the electrical inspection is needed. The municipality should refer you to the inspection agency that they recognize. Claverack continues to require the notification of electrical inspection prior to the connection of a new service.