When available, Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Cooperative) will provide used wood poles to members and/or the public upon request on a first come first served basis, in accordance with Claverack Policy B-02.  Poles may be available at the offices of the Cooperative or at field locations throughout the Cooperative’s service territory.


All poles are provided on an “as is / where is basis.”  Individuals receiving used poles from the Cooperative agree to the following terms and conditions:


1.      All poles obtained hereunder are “as is”, without any warranties of merchantability or fitness for any general or particular use or purpose.  I assume responsibility, at my expense, to have the poles inspected by an independent expert engaged in such testing to determine the suitability or fitness of the poles for any desired use.


2.      I acknowledge that the Cooperative has advised me that the poles have been treated with preservatives and other chemicals that are subject to control by the EPA, and I have been advised that these poles may contain chemicals and materials that are potentially hazardous to me and any other person or thing coming in contact with these poles.  I assume responsibility, at my expense, to have these poles tested to determine the existence of any such hazardous chemicals or materials.  I acknowledge that the Cooperative has provided me with instructions on how to access the EPA approved Consumer Information Sheet and the applicable Safety Data Sheets relating to creosote and pentachlorophenol which are preservatives known to have been used by the Cooperative.  I further acknowledge that I have read and understand said information.  I acknowledge that there may be statues or regulations governing disposal of these poles, and I acknowledge it is my responsibility to check with the proper authorities regarding proper disposal.


3.      I specifically agree to hold the Cooperative harmless from any and all liability from any cause whatsoever arising out of the use, transportation and disposal of these poles and agree to indemnify the Cooperative from any liability.  I further agree that in the event any legal action is brought against the Cooperative arising out of the use of these pole(s) by me, any subsequent owner, or any person, claiming damages by virtue of or in any manner arising out of the use of the pole(s), or damages therefrom that I agree to hold the Cooperative harmless from any and all costs, charges, expenses, attorney’s fees and judgments which may be imposed upon or incurred by the Cooperative in any manner arising out of such claim or such litigation.


Click here for the EPA approved consumer information sheet related to creosote and pentachlorophenol pole treatment.

Click here for more comprehensive information regarding preservative treated wood products from the EPA.