Members often have electrical work performed by a contractor or service professional. Installing generators and transfer switches, replacing your panel box, or upgrading your service entrance equipment are all tasks that most members hire someone else to do.

Please make sure that no one, including you, your contractor, or anyone who works for the contractor cuts your meter seal and removes your meter. Because your electric cooperative is committed to providing you with safe, reliable electricity, we have policies in place to discourage this practice. Regardless of what anyone tells you, as the member, you are liable for the $500 tampering fee that is assessed when meter seals are cut or missing.

Anytime that you are planning to have electrical work done, make sure your contractor knows that cutting your meter seal is dangerous and will result in a fine to you. A checklist explaining the required steps for disconnecting your service is available below, or you may call the engineering department for more information at 1-800-326-9799 or 570-265-2167.

Be safe. Don’t cut your meter seal.

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